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Organic Produce Bags – Pack of 3

Organic Produce Bags with FREE DELIVERY

Never leave home without them!


Imagine this…

You’re at the greengrocers shopping for 3 local apples and a punnet of plums.

‘Would you like a bag for those?’ the cashier asks.

‘No thanks’ you say as you whip out your astonishingly ethical GOTS certified organic cotton produce bags.

3 Colours – Red, Green & Blue

3 sizes – Large (45cm x 32cm), Medium (36cm x 26cm), and Small (26cm x 20cm)

3 unique quirkily hip designs printed in water-based Soil Association approved inks.

The three phrases boldly emblazened on each bag are…

‘Green Machine’ in Green

‘Feeling Fruity’ in Red

‘Plant Powered’ in Bright Blue

How many green points is that?